Perry M. Anderson is a global investor who encourages market access and the advancement of human progress through capital injection and investments in a diverse range of projects.

He founded Quadra Global Capital Corp in 2002 and his guidance, core philosophies and strong principles drive the strategic development and direction of both the firm and its portfolio.

With a strong belief that a team of outstanding individuals could meet almost any challenge, Mr. Anderson began selecting the best and brightest he came in contact with to join him.

The result is the Principals and Partners who comprise Quadra Global Capital Corp today.  Strong relationships, open communication and trust in people remain key to both Quadra’s and Mr. Anderson’s momentum.

Mr. Anderson has led and invested in a number of acquisitions, financings and restructurings, startups, leverage buyouts, cross-border transactions and other investment projects of various size and complexity. These dealings have also crossed a variety of sectors including real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, distribution, media, retail, internet and technology.

When not serving in his role as Chairman and CEO of Quadra Global Capital Corp, Mr. Anderson maintains active interests in the arts, pursuing passions in music and is an avid chess player.

Mr. Anderson has attended London Business School and has an MBA from Oxford University.