Quadra was founded in 2002.  All of the partners have considerable business pedigree with significant investment experience across different sectors and countries. Quadra has an active Advisory Board with over 200 years of operational and investment experience. Quadra’s partners and associates include leading strategic investors across multiple countries.  They are also influential investors who can provide capital, contacts and (most importantly) operational expertise to our portfolio investments.

All of these factors combine to make Quadra Global Capital Corp a firm with a wealth of experience and know-how at its disposal.  We are an ‘old’ new firm.

Quadra is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada with an office in London, England.  We are primarily involved in sourcing investment opportunities in Canada and the UK, but would consider other demographics on a case by case basis.

Depending on the type of investment, Quadra prides itself on being able to close a transaction quite quickly.  Seeing that we are not a fund, we have the ability to make rapid decisions.  That said, we often build relationships with entrepreneurs for many years and will close an investment when the time is right.  Once we have agreed terms in place with a business and move into an exclusivity period, we can close a transaction in approximately 3-4 months.  It is during this time that Quadra will raise funds from its Family Office or HNW/UHNW network, conduct due diligence into the company and then produce the final documents to close the transaction.

It is important to stress that we do not wish to disrupt a companies regular activities and as we seek to be partners with our invester companies, we believe that partnerships should not be taken lightly.  We prefer discussions to be thorough and not rushed.

This depends on the long term goals of the portfolio company.  It may very from as little as 2 years to 10 years, but we feel that 5 years is a general rule of thumb and appropriate time for any investment to mature.  It is really about what is right for the company and what the management team envision to be the right time period for a Quadra investment.

In addition to our own proprietary capital, our investors are High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and Family Offices who are dis-satisfied with Private Equity in its current form (namely ‘blind pool’ funds).  Our investors are located across the world and have a stated desire for ‘deal by deal’ Private Equity opportunities, managed by Quadra on their behalf.

Quadra is willing to consider growth equity investments across various industry categories and demographics.  A suitable investment for us would meet many of the following criteria:

  • A business in a market with secular growth, independent of the economy
  • A business that is at its ‘inflection’ point, where capital is the primary constraint to growth
  • A ‘Best in Class’ management team or entrepreneur that is incentivized to grow the business further over the medium term
  • Little or no bank debt in the business
  • A strong customer pipeline
  • Fragmented competition
  • Strong barriers to entry (through IP, strong distribution networks, customer contract length, etc.)

Quadra is flexible on financing terms and is dependent on the type of investment we are making.  From a growth equity perspective, the key for us is to make certain that management, new investor and current shareholder interests are all aligned.  We would consider companies with at least $2,000,000 in EBITDA up to an enterprise value of $100,000,000.  We are comfortable as a sole investor, lead investor or investing in partnerships with others.

We view ourselves as an investment partner that provides strategic and operational guidance to help proven, existing management teams reach their companies full growth potential. In addition, we can tap a deep network spanning numerous industries and global contacts to assist with recruiting key management and board directors, establishing strategic partnerships and executing acquisitions.

Quadra works with management teams to determine an exit strategy that not only makes sense for the business, but also maximize the value of the business for all parties involved.  We are very flexible in this regard: it could be an acquisition, a strategic merger, and IPO, a sale to another investor or simply a sale back to the management team.