Quadra Global Capital Corp has an exemplary track record spanning over a decade in the arrangement of debt and equity capital across all real estate sectors and varying corporate finance projects. By virtue of our capital raising assignments which span the capital spectrum, we regularly engage the debt and equity capital markets and therefore, we are able to maintain current and close relationships with strategic private and institutional providers of capital.


Quadra has advised on the capital structure of a broad range of development projects including medium density residential developments, mixed use developments, commercial properties and industrial facilities.

The firm has also provided investment management services and advice for the following transactions:

Assisting investors and developers on structuring and sourcing equity capital.

Quadra offers investors and developers assistance in structuring and sourcing equity capital for property investment assets and projects.

Our services include:

  • sourcing equity funds for development projects and property investments by utilising a proven process to ascertain alternatives on terms that best satisfy the client’s objectives.
  • structuring transactions including the introduction of joint venture partners and other forms of equity.
  • sourcing private real estate capital for developments and investments.
  • coordinating and implementation of capital funding, including assistance with negotiation and documentation.
  • Monitoring investments in joint venture developments.
  • Our capital partners include private and institutional investors, both domestic and international.

Equity products include:

  • Preferred equity
  • Ordinary equity
  • Hybrid structures
Providing management services to investors.

Quadra acts as an introducer to investors providing capital for opportunistic property investments such as development projects.

Our services include

  • Joint venture structuring and assessment of investor returns.
  • Sourcing development finance.
  • Development delivery such as management and investment monitoring.
Assisting investors and developers with structuring and sourcing debt capital.

Quadra provides investors and developers assistance in structuring and sourcing capital for property investment assets and development projects.

Our services include:

  • Providing developing options and delivering capital efficient solutions that accord with the client’s objectives.
  • Resetting the capital structure for a transaction via the introduction of third party capital in the form of subordinated debt or equity.
  • Renegotiating terms of finance with existing finance partners on more suitable terms.
  • Refinancing incumbent lenders or investors to a transaction.
    Sourcing competitive debt finance for development projects and property investments by utilising a competitive market process to ascertain funding alternatives on terms that best satisfy the client’s objectives.
  • Our capital partners span from traditional sources (banks) and non-traditional sources (hedge funds, institutional investors, family offices and investment banks), both domestic and offshore.


Debt products include:

  • Senior debt
  • Junior debt
  • Mezzanine debt


Raising Equity and Growth Capital for companies

Growth capital resides at the intersection of private equity and venture capital and is provided by a variety of sources including:

venture funds, family offices, hedge funds and high/ultra high net worth individuals. Quadra’s breadth of services and our international contact base enables us to lead capital raisings for private companies seeking funding to grow.

Quadra has considerable experience in raising capital for all types of companies, in all stages of development from eCommerce start-ups to new technology companies in mature industries. We can assess funding requirements and determine the best form of capital.

Corporate finance products include:

  • Private investors
  • VC funding
  • JV partnerships